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What's Your goal?

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About Coach Jess


Jessica Roguski Onheiser

 Coach Onheiser is the founder and owner of Recruit-Her LLC. Recruit-Her is a women’s lacrosse company that offers services to improve individual and team skills through personal training sessions that increase physical strength and speed and mental knowledge of the game. For female athletes looking to play lacrosse at the collegiate level, Recruit-Her also offers recruiting consulting in order to educate players and parents about the multifaceted recruiting process.  

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Small Group Sessions


 Coach Onheiser offers small group training sessions to improve individual and team skills through agility, stick work, and position specific workouts that increase physical strength, speed and mental knowledge of the game. Training groups are formed by age and skill to maximize the workout ranging from 4th grade through college level players.  

Individual Recruiting Services


 We offer several individual packages to help athletes maximize their ability to find a college that is right for them based on academics, course of study, lacrosse skill level, and expectation of time commitment to a team in college. Game Scouts are also another way to receive feedback from Coach Onheiser to better prepare for evaluations from college coaches. 

Group Clinics

Something about group clinics

Clinics are geared towards specific skills such as mastering the Draw as the center or gaining a first step on your opponent off the circle. Attack Clinics will cover a variety of shooting, dodging, 8-meter strategies, feeding and crease attack. Defensive Clinics include 1v1 positioning and footwork, defending cutters, checking, and defensive transition. Midfield clinics include a variety of all position training developing the athlete to play both ends successfully with higher endurance levels. 

Club Recruiting Services


 This service is an in-depth 1.5-hour presentation of the recruiting process geared to a club group. Includes; power point presentation, handouts, and time for players and parents to ask questions. The players will receive example resumes and introductory emails. The host site must have power point capabilities. 

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Traci Davis, Garrison Forest Athletic Director, Class of 2011 Lacrosse National Hall of Fame


I have the utmost respect for Jess as a player, coach, colleague and person. Jess maintains a high level of professionalism and integrity in all that she does. She has an incredible work ethic. I witnessed first hand her teaching and coaching expertise. I was impressed with how well she was able to work with student-athletes with varying levels of ability in skill sets as well as helping them to develop the mental aspects of the game. Jess helped countless athletes and parents navigate the complexities of the college recruiting process. She developed a plan for each player, based on their needs and helped them with a step-by-step guide through the process.

Jess is smart, articulate, fair and honest. I would hire her in a second!


Lindsey Ferro, Bucknell University Women’s Lacrosse 2014

 As a coach, Jess taught me so much about what it means to be a lacrosse player but more importantly a teammate. She is knowledgeable about the game and specific skills that you need to possess. Coach Jess puts emphasis on playing to your strengths but also knowing how to aid in your teammates’ success. I was never more confident in my abilities than when Jess was coaching me. She knew my potential and continued to reassure me of that. I can credit my success in being recruited to a D1 program to her. She really understands your strengths and weaknesses and helps to shine light on the strengths during recruiting. Through her wide coaching network, she set me up with a school that fit perfectly for me academically and athletically. After being accepted into Bucknell to play lacrosse, my new coach showed me Coach Jess’ letter of recommendation to help boost my confidence. I have never had someone write such inspiring and encouraging words about my abilities than her. She is a great coach, friend, and person. I wish I could go back to the days of Hero’s club lax with Jess as my coach. 


Courtney Vaughn, Winters Mill Physical Education Teacher Varsity 2008, 2010, and 2011 Lacrosse State Champions, Class of 2007 Greater Baltimore Lacrosse Hall of Fame

 Jess has a wealth of experience playing at the High School, Division I NCAA, and USA Team levels. These experiences enable Jess to break down the game in a way that all players can understand. She has first-hand knowledge about the skill and speed of the game and knows what it takes to develop these qualities in young athletes.  Her attitude has always been one of going above and beyond, be it a drill, scrimmage, game, High School state championship or NCAA Final Four game.  She is honest, hard working, and sincere in her work with up and coming players and will do whatever it takes for her athletes. 

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